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15 Employee Motivation Tips: 8 – 15


Employee Motivation Tips: 8 – 15 


This is the follow on article relating to Employee Motivation Tips… If you missed that article, I suggest that you quickly read it first (it will take 4 minutes) and also make sure you have read Tips 1 – 7 ….before reviewing the below points.

By Basics, I refer to going back to the beginning, in fact before the beginning, before that staff member was even part of your company. It is not rocket science but may take some reviewing of your existing structures and processes, we will be expanding on each of these points below in the coming posts: 
8. Ongoing regular, relevant performance appraisals – Remember, staff work for you, not the other way round. It is easy to lose sight of this when there is so much focus on motivating THEM! While efforts to effectively motivate staff are important in the relationship, staff need to prove to you that they have the correct skill sets, have the correct attitude, are willing to learn and implement their objectives, can deliver on their training and that they are using their hours for the benefit of the company… only in return will there then be reward. There is NO free lunch to be had. Every person in your team needs to be adding value or they will demotivate the people around them who feel like they are dragging an anchor or carrying someone lazy. To motivate your staff you need to be able to identify who is a NON performer and who is DETRACTING Value from your team through ongoing performance appraisals… then have a strategy to reverse their performance or ultimately remove them. Do not wait too late and let the “Cancer” spread as this can take your business down quickly. You want to spend your main time on your “bright spots”!


 9. FUN inexpensive short term incentives – Simple, cost effective short term incentives create a motivational environment that is not cut throat within the company and does not lead to negative competitive environments. For example, using short term, financial incentives to leverage a promotion may see staff fight tooth and nail and use underhand tactics to secure what they see for themselves as a massive reward… instead these should be team building days or Movie tickets or Meal Vouchers, a few extra days paid leave, breakfast with the owner etc… when targets are achieved. These can be monthly, weekly or even bi – weekly. The cost to the company is extremely low but the benefits to the staff motivation in the short term and the team morale can see big returns.


 10. Meaningful long term incentives that uplift and empower – Through the appraisal processes you should be identifying future leaders and managers. Based on their ongoing outstanding performance you can introduce long term incentives to these key players. Examples of this would be invitations to interview for management or Team leader roles, short University courses in management or computers or something of their choice within your budget, travel incentives, additional training, financial bonuses, or a long term investment for top performers that can be redeemed after 5 years for example.


 11.Recognition – Even within a small 3-4 man company you can introduce a Player’s Player award and and Employee of the Month award. Make sure these are printed and up on the wall, every month, without fail in order to keep the momentum going. Be sure to set criteria for selection (Group Vote is the easiest) – you will be amazed at the value that this FREE award can have on the motivation of that person, and those striving to be that person… It certainly doesn’t only work at McDonalds… so try it.


 12. Discipline – Without discipline and the setting of professional boundaries, motivation can take a serious knock. Over familiarity can breed contempt and also breed decreased performance from the staff and conversely a begruding acceptance of poor performance/discipline by the boss/owner. Know the rules (your own business code of conduct, labour law, and country law) and adhere to them. Many employees operate more effectively when they know where they stand. Furthermore, basic discipline such as correct uniform, arriving at work on time, arriving at work clean shaven and respecting their basic duties and responsibilities are crucial to long term motivation of not just that individual but the entire team… remember, one rotten apple can spoil the entire cart, and it happens so quickly. So do not let the small things slip and you will save so much time fixing the bigger things as the standard you require is set right from the bottom up. Start with the basics….


 13. Inject your company culture and your passion into their roles! – You have the passion, and it demotivates YOU when your staff lack motivation. If they believe in your goals and the company culture they are far more likely to have a sense of meaning and purpose in their work, and thus be motivated to achieve. The best way to achieve this is to share your goals, culture and vision and also ask them where THEY see the company going, and what they would like to the company vision include.  This creates staff and management buy in, and that is half the battle with motivation.


14. Implement the GAME FACE strategy – There are real relevant performance excuses with staff that require your guidance, sympathy and ear. We are dealing with humans every day. Even these however, need to be dealt with in a professional manner, meaning NOT DURING BUSINESS HOURS… and especially not in front of customers. We like to use the analogy that when an actor goes on stage, he leaves his personal problems behind, or IN FACT can use those problems to bring positive impact to his performance and dig deep. The lead in The Lion King simply cannot go on stage at the West End or Broadway and mope around the stage and deliver half his lines and whimper through the songs… for starters, the audience (customer) will have a negative experience that will damage the show’s stage reputation and brand, and the actor will ultimately be out of a job if it continues… he certainly won’t get the lead for CATS, that you can be sure of. So how does he do it, well like most mature professionals, he puts on his GAME face for each performance and pours his soul into the delivery, he becomes the character and fulfills his role. He pleases the customers, and with a standing ovation not only keeps his job but becomes a sought after lead performer in town. Same goes for staff. As an employer, you are paying your employee for their time… that means during working hours they put on their game face and they deliver. There is always time after work, or before to sit and have compassion for their problems, and help where you can. Other than that its GAME face time. In this way you can keep your staff motivated by allocating time to have a heart / ear for their personal issues, showing them the compassion that displays your appreciation of their circumstances, while at the same time keeping your business performance, and their delivery at front of mind during critical business hours.


15. Know how to cut through the BULLSHIT – Some people can be motivated, and some can’t… for a variety of reasons that can be out of your control. As a business owner, or a team leader, or a manager you need to define reasonable expectations from your motivation efforts and timelines for performance improvement to be met within a reasonable timeframe. A business simply can’t wait for an indefinite period for staff to come to the party, and there comes a time that without ruthless, necessary action it can be too late to steer the ship away from the iceberg. A great article on this topic is “Why The Best Recruitment Strategies Involve Buses” so take the time to read this gem. Some people just have excuse after excuse and while you may try guide and advise, train and appraise, lend your time and set up goals and objectives… the excuses will still keep coming. These people are like lead weights around your ankles, holding you down. There is a feeling you have in your gut, it generally comes with experience, when you know you are trying to start a fire with very wet wood. Cut the bullshit, you don’t have the time to wait for them to become motivated (in a reasonable timeframe after using the previous 14 points to motivate them) and its time to strategically remove them from your business and focus on the bright spots!

"If you do what you have always done, you'll get what you've always gotten" Anthony Robbins ...Now this is fine if you are reaping huge successes, but as we know in business this is not always the case. You can’t keep doing the same thing day in and day out and expect different results. In order for your life in business to change for the positive, you must change your approach. Your actions and your thinking can impact massive positive change…. My Passion is assisting others to make positive changes in their approach to business.

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