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About us

W ho are we? I can tell you who we are NOT….We don’t have MBA’s, we don’t wear suits, and we don’t talk people round in circles with fancy words.

We are business owners. We have made many mistakes and have found ourselves stumbling over many common pitfalls, and we have had to fix them on the fly…. no different to the many like minded business warriors, overworked managers and frustrated corporates exec’s out there who are wrestling with the challenging business landscape. Our goal is to create a real world, jargon free, “lay-man” space for like minded individuals to consider our experiences and hopefully take away something that can help them either in the present or down the road. Thats all….

Our main company has seen a ten thousand % growth in just 4 years, jumping to a national network of locations and a huge increase in staffing and overheads.

This growth forced us into scenarios where we had to be very reactive to new problems we encountered, continually “putting out fires” and as a result we made many mistakes, wasted resources and hit dead ends. Due to sheer determination, analysis of our mistakes, implementing better structures… planning for “fires” instead of running around looking for water to put them out, we have continued to make a success despite these early learning curves. We have become much more pro-active in our approach to business business management tipswith these techniques, and this has seen outstanding increases in staff and product performance with a huge reduction in the hours and resources dedicated to solving problems.

Our vision is to grow this site so it’s bursting at the seams with great information. Posts you can read while on the road, or when you have 5 minutes, and, after which you don’t feel exhausted and confused. We simply want to share this with you, as business owners, team leaders, managers etc… who may also be going through the same challenges and are looking for some advice.

We  certainly do not know it all, and we are humbled by our continued day to day learning. However, if we can shed some light on your problem in lieu of our own experiences, or even help you to make 1 correct decision to enhance your company / team / strategy then we have achieved our goal.

Please feel free to comment and let us know your thoughts and experiences so we can create a Jargon free community.