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Facebook Organic Reach. Climb off your High Horse.

Facebook organic reach


Yes the whole Facebook organic reach thing is irritating. Frustrating. Seems downright capitalist. But um….it is. Facebook is a business. That’s how it is. Get over it.

For those of you not sure what I’m talking about…basically if you have a page on Facebook, no matter how many fans you have, almost none of them are likely to ever see your posts.
Facebook claims that if your posts get a lot of engagement – likes, comments and shares, then your posts will start to appear on your fans’ timelines automatically, for free, gratis. But it’s a bit of a catch 22 because they can’t engage if they can’t see the posts! Oh but of course there is a way….you pay.

For businesses, Facebook is another form of media. A platform from which to communicate with current and potential customers. Frankly, now that I’m off my indignant high horse….I think we should be grateful that Facebook even gives us the chance for free advertising.

Imagine the TV ad sales exec saying “ Oh sure Bob. If your ad is that good then, you know what? We won’t charge you for it!” Hardly!



So I say cough up. Consider it part of your budget plan and just work extra hard to make sure that your posts (especially the ones you pay to boost!) are going to maximise engagement.
Here are some tips.

  1.  Make sure the text on the image is less than 20% of the total space otherwise the facebook elves will not allow the boost.
  2. Try and come up with something your audience will deem worth sharing
  3. Ask questions, run polls or competition anything that will encourage interaction.
  4. Post regularly and keep at it.


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